I am so excited that you are taking this step into self care during a time of transition and great stress - on your body, on your emotions, on your family. 
What you can expect every week is two and a half hours of work on both your body and mind. The inquiry and discussion part of the sessions will best be supported if you bring along a journal and something to write with. I expect that a lot of what starts in the room will continue after you have left so being able to refer to what you felt in the moment will be helpful. 
For the asana (postures/physical) practice, bring whatever props you would need for a comfortable and supported practice. Yoga mats will be available, if you do not have your own. Blocks, bolsters, blankets and ties (for straps) will also be available.  If you do not have a regular yoga practice and are wondering what may make your practice more "comfortable and supported", please let me know. A water bottle is always handy.  The asana practice will vary from week to week and there will be variations offered for levels depending on the needs of individuals.  
The meditation practice will require nothing more from you than an open mind, a willingness to engage and the ability to breathe. Some days, this can feel like the most difficult thing so we will be working on meditation practices that will specifically help you address the kinds of challenges we face on a daily basis. 
You will also be provided with reference material at the end of each session for you to take home, read through and digest through the week to keep the process unfolding.  There will be 'homework' assignments weekly as well for those of you wishing to deepen your inquiry/asana/meditation practice in our time apart.  Notice if you bristled at the mention of the word homework.  This is not meant to be another task for you to have to complete.  This is meant to help support the exploration of any 'curiosity' that may be piqued.  
I recommend you prepare to use this 6 weeks to explore some discipline in your practice (meditation, asana, inquiry, pranayama).  Again, did you bristle a bit with the mention of the word discipline?  Many of us associate discipline with punishment and that is unfortunate. Discipline, can also mean a commitment to ourselves or to a new practice.  Discipline taken in its earliest latin definition means 'to learn'.  And to learn something new we must commit to the learning and treat ourselves with love and compassion as we practice.  
I know we are all busy and so healthy snacks and tea will always be provided in case you are running on empty as you show up on Sundays.
Also, if you feel inspired, we will have a small altar set up in our room to honor all of our efforts.  If you would like to bring a small token or photo to include please feel free to do so.  Some examples could be: a crystal or stone, a photo of yourself as a child or of someone in your family; poem, a flower, a totem or toy, etc.
Here are our dates: 
February 26
March 5, 12, 19, 26
April 2
We will be at Sweet Pea's Yoga Studio at 3717 N Ravenswood, Suite 214, Chicago, IL 60614. There is ample, free parking right outside. You can also walk from the Addison stop on the Brown Line or the Addison bus, getting off at the eastern side of Ravenswood (the side by Dunkin Donuts).  
Reminder that we can make childcare available with the proper notice and possibly an additional fee (age dependent). If you are in need of this service, please let me know ahead of time so we are sure to try and have plenty of help available.  
If you have any questions I haven't covered here, please let me know. I'm so looking forward to meeting you!
Peace and light, 
"Looking after oneself, one looks after others.
Looking after others, one looks after oneself."
-- the Sedaka Sutta